The Office of Neighborhood Safety

The Office of Neighborhood Safety

 The Office of Neighborhood Safety is a unit within the City's Department of Recreation and Human Services created to establish and implement a community-based intervention and prevention strategy to combat and eliminate violence in the City of Rochester. The mission of the Office of Neighborhood Safety is to foster a city-wide approach to reducing violence by serving as a central hub to coordinate the development of a community-wide Violence Reduction Strategy that will guide public and private sector investments in social programs including those administered Pathways to Peace; the ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition; and the Youth Advocate Program. 

The Office is managed by the Office of Neighborhood Safety Coordinator, Dr.  Kiah Nyame, who develops, implements, and coordinates the Community-Wide Neighborhood Safety Plan under the direction of the Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner of Recreation and Human Services. The Coordinator will also oversee the Mayor’s Peacemaker Fellowship, which would identify city residents with a high likelihood of becoming victims of gun violence and enroll them as Fellows in a rigorous personal development program that includes mentorships, peer-to-peer learning to achieve education, career and other life goals. The Peacemaker Fellowship is based on a program in Richmond, California that contributed to significant reductions in homicides and gun violence.

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