NBD Forms

Form Description Code Section
Affidavit of Intent  Document that attests that the third floor or basement will not be used as livable space.  39-213, 90-16
Building Owner Registry  Mandated contact information for certain types of rental properties; contact person must live in the 13xxx or 14xxx zip code areas. 90-20
Building Permit  Application for proposed work. Most projects affecting change require a building permit. 39-207
Business Permit      Application to operate certain business types once legally established.  90-32
Coastal Erosion Management Application Coastal Erosion Management Permit Application
C of O Application  Document to renew or apply for a certificate of occupancy. 39-213 and 90-16
C of O Exemption  Owners whose spouse, parent, child, or sibling occupy a 1 or 2 family home may apply for an exemption using this form.  90-16     
Electrical Permit  Application for proposed electrical work.  90-304
Electrical Reconnect  A permit is required to have the electrical service turned back on. Any party can apply for this. RG&E Requirement 
Elevator Permit A permit is required to install or modified conveyance system 50
Fence Permit  Application to install or replace a fence. 120-163
Floodplain Development Permit Flood Development Permit 56
Lead Ordinance Compliance Affidavit  Affidavit for property owners attesting a property has been certified by a lead based paint inspector and the lead violations have been abated. 90-55
Plumbing Permit  Application for proposed plumbing work. 39-308
Section 8 Waiver Exemption Application for a waiver from the interior inspection in a single or two family property for RHA Section 8 tenants.  90-16
Solar Permit  Application for a proposed photovoltaic installation. 39-207
Unlicensed Vehicle Permit  Application that allows storage of an unregistered vehicle subject to conditions. 90-15
Zoning Information Request   Application to initiate a Zoning and or Building review. NYSBC and Chapter 120 of the Municipal Code