Pedestrian Crossing Signals

The summer of 2021 will see the addition of new pedestrian crossing signals in the City of Rochester. Two types of signals being added: Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon and Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons (RRFB). These two types of pedestrian controlled crossing signals are explained in more detail in the pictures below. The pictures can be downloaded as a PDF here.




The City will be installing a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon on W Main Street as part of the Main Street Streetscape Phase II project. This Beacon will be placed at the crosswalk across Main Street just east of Graves Street.

RRFBs are anticipated to be installed at the following locations by the end of 2021 or in summer 2022:

Joseph Avenue at Wilkins Street
Lake Avenue at St Bernards
Clifford Avenue at El Camino Trail
Avenue D at El Camino Trail
E Ridge Road at El Camino Trail
St Paul Street at Collingwood Drive
S Clinton Avenue at Elm Street
Court Street at Genesee Riverway Trail
Jefferson Avenue at Frost Avenue
Morrie Silver Way at MCC
South Avenue at Caroline Street
Kendrick Road north of Westmoreland Drive
E Main Street at YMCA/Eastman Theater
S Goodman Street at Linden Street
Hudson Avenue at Jordan Health Center
Mt Hope Avenue at Robinson Drive (existing)
Chestnut Street at Howell Street (existing)
Highland Avenue at the Pittsford Trail (existing)
Parsells Avenue at Stout Street
Parsells Avenue at Greeley Street
Mt Hope Avenue at Redfern Drive
Exchange Boulevard at Fitzhugh Place S
Exchange Boulevard at Public Safety Building
South Avenue at Reservoir Avenue
S Plymouth Avenue at Pedestrian Bridge