Civics Property Management Portal


The City of Rochester implemented the new Infor software system in May 2023 to enhance the management of Code Enforcement, Trade Licensing, Permitting, and other key processes. Additional City functions are planned to transition into this software in the coming years.

The software includes a new public-facing online portal which provides a suite of self-service functions to help property owners and managers better manage their portfolios and interaction with the City. 

This currently includes:

  1. Designating and updating building owner and property manager contact information
  2. Viewing lists of all open code violations per property
  3. Submitting work schedule for open Code Enforcement cases
  4. Applying for electrical, plumbing, and elevator technician licenses 

Future features include:

  1. Submitting permit applications for building, electrical, plumbing, and sign permits
  2. Automated email notifications for inspections, cited violations, expiring Certificates of Occupancy, etc.
  3. Viewing the new property code compliance score
  4. Tax bill payments
  5. Water bill payments

Getting Started

  1. Visit the Civics Portal:
  2. Create a new account if necessary, by clicking “Don’t have an account? Sign up!”
  3. Claim your properties: click Start a New Application at the top and choose Building Owner Registry to fill out the application form to designate a property you own, or where you are authorized to submit official records on their behalf. 
  4. If you are a property manager and not an authorized agent of the owner, you will need to contact the property owner and prompt them to create an online account and officially invite you as the property manager in the Building Owner Registry application.
  5. Complete step 3 to submit an application for each property you own or manage.
  6. Return to your My Homepage to view pending Building Owner Registry submissions. Upload a photo of a government issued photo ID to complete the submission.

Further Documentation and Guidance

Please click here to download the user guide.

For technical support please email

To contact your inspector, please lookup their contact info here: