Recyclable Materials

recylce new flyer 2021  

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Acceptable items for curbside recycling

Place the following EMPTY, CLEAN and UNBAGGED items in the recycling container:

Cardboard/Cartons (flatten all boxes) 

  • CLEAN pizza boxes (no grease or food)
  • food/drink/soup/shipping boxes
  • gable-tops cartons
  • paper towel/toilet paper rolls
  • paper egg cartons/drink trays
  • facial tissue boxes


  • soft-cover books, phone books (no hardcover books)
  • bulk/junk mail, envelopes
  • newspapers and inserts, magazines, catalogs
  • office paper, file folders
  • paper bags
  • shredded paper (place in paper bag before placing in recycling container)
  • wrapping paper

Glass jars and bottles (lids attached)


  • metal pots and pans
  • license plates
  • aluminum (cans, foil, etc.)
  • tin/steel (soup/sauce/vegetable cans, etc.)
  • aerosol cans (MUST be empty)

Plastic  *Plastics are accepted by SHAPE

  • bottles (drink, soap, squeeze, spray, etc.)
  • jars (peanut butter, mayonnaise, sauce, nuts, etc.)
  • jugs (milk, laundry detergent, windshield fluid, cooking oil, vinegar, etc.)
  • tubs (butter, sour cream, yogurt, etc.) 
  • NO single-use plastics (Solo® cups/take-out cups, straws, utensils, Keurig© K-Cups®, condiment packets) 
  • NO plastic bags

For more details

Visit Monroe County's recycling web page for their guide to recycling, "Recyclopedia," for more details on acceptable items, and alternatives for disposing of unacceptable items.

Items NOT accepted

  • NO single-use plastics (Solo® cups/take-out cups, straws, utensils, Keurig© K-Cups®, condiment packets) 
  • NO garbage
  • NO propane tanks (safety hazard)
  • NO plastic bags
  • NO plastic film (wraps, frozen food bags, packaging bubbles, etc.)
  • NO yard waste
  • NO food waste
  • NO bulky plastics (plastic bins, lawn furniture, etc.)
  • NO electronics (an item is considered electronics if it has computer chips inside)
  • NO batteries (alkaline or lithium-ion)
  • NO ceramics, dishes or glassware
  • NO light bulbs, window glass or mirrors
  • NO electrical cords, hoses or ropes
  • NO syringes/sharps or medical waste
  • NO Styrofoam® (#6 PS, white puffy material)
  • NO pill bottles
  • NO biodegradable plastics
  • NO clothing or textiles
  • NO CD cases
  • NO pouches or wrappers (candy, chip, etc.)
  • NO plant pots/containers
  • NO hazardous waste containers 

Visit Monroe County's ecopark website to find out if items NOT acceptable for curb-side pick-up may be eligible for drop off at that facility.

Download a printable information flyer

Still have questions?

Call 311 (outside city limits, 585-428-5990) for more information.