Consolidated Community Development Plan Information

This page serves as a historical record for the City's public planning and budgeting documents related to the administration of funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Please note, the 2020-2025 Consolidated Community Development Plan, and related Annual Action Plan documents will be listed click here>>  

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New York State Homes and Community Renewal Grant Application- CARES Act HUD CDBG Funding- Expansion of Lead Hazard Control Grant Program

The City is planning to apply to NYS Homes and Community Renewal for $2 million in CARES act Community Development Block Grant funding with a proposal to expand the scope and impact of the existing Lead Hazard Control Grant Program available to rehab rental units and expand the supply of decent, safe and affordable rental housing. Eligible properties are 1-4 unit privately-held residential structures built before 1978. Tenant income cannot exceed 50% of the area median income as defined by HUD. Should the grant application be successful, legislation will be presented at a future City Council meeting to approve the grant agreement with HCR and the receipt and use of the funding. 

The additional funding will enable the Lead Hazard Control grant funded rehab projects to exceed the current maximum of $20,000 in grant funding per unit and renovate features of the unit not normally eligible under the program due to federal regulations. This could include the ability to abate other non-lead related health hazards, repair deteriorated roofs, etc. The additional funding will also help make assistance available to units in targeted redevelopment areas regardless of the presence of lead hazards. Landlords are required to lease all renovated units to households at or below 50% of Area Median Income for a period of 5 years after receiving the grant.

Because it comes through NYS, this funding is not managed under the City's Annual Action Plan like other HUD funding. Instead, reporting and compliance is done through NYS.

PUBLIC MEETING NOTICE: A public hearing to solicit public input on the proposal will be held by City Council virtually via Zoom on 1/13/2022 at 5:00pm. Please email to register to speak or submit written comment.

Click here to view the draft grant application.

CARES Act: Amended 2019-20 Annual Action Plan Documents  

The City received $12,697,579 in additional federal HUD funding through the CARES act in 2020 and 2021 to help prepare for, address, and respond to the novel coronavirus pandemic. This funding was budgeted and accounted for in the 2019-20 Annual Action Plan, and associated substantial amendments. See below for the record of amendments and public engagement.

Consolidated Community Development Plans and Reports

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