Consolidated Community Development Plan Information

The following notices or documents are posted for public information and review.  If responses or communication are desired, look for the agency or individual named within the posted information.

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 CARES Act: Amended 2019-20 Annual Action Plan Documents 

To submit a comment on the proposed Amended 2019-20 Annual Action Plan, email Amy Ventura at by 5pm on Wednesday, May 6.  

A Public Hearing of the Council of the City of Rochester is to be held on the 7th of May, 2020 at 5pm to discuss the proposed amendment.  Due to the current state of emergency, the Public Hearing will allow for comments received to be read into the record for up to 3 minutes.  In addition, the full text of the comment will be shared with the Council in advance of the Public Hearing.  In order for a comment to be presented at the on-line Public Hearing, it must be received at no later than 5pm on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 and be prefaced by the name and address of the commenting individual or organization.   

Consolidated Community Development Plans and Reports

Evaluation Reports:

Citizen Participation Plans: