Lead Paint - EPA Certified Risk Assessment Firms

Updated on 12/21/2018

Listed below is a City of Rochester local listing of available EPA Certified Lead Paint testing companies.  

The following list represents fees generally associated with lead dust wipe clearance testing:

  • Sample Charge:  EPA requires that up to four rooms are tested and that two samples be taken from each room. The per sample charge may cost between $6 to $13, depending on the requested processing time. 
  • Service Charge:  Companies generally charge a service fee that can range between $70 - $125, depending on the date and time of the inspection and inspection turn-around time.
  • Retesting Fee:  EPA requires that any individual wipe test that fails the initial inspection must be retested until it passes. The retesting fee may cost between $45 - $125, depending on the number of samples and the inspection turn-around time.   Other fees may include postage and processing.

AJ Court Environmental
32 Valewood Run
Penfield, NY 14526
(585)737-0841 or (585)451-1160
Fax # (585)219-5637
Email:  jburda@rochester.rr.com

Environmental Testing and Consulting
PO Box 466
Batavia, NY 14020
(888)532-3382  (Toll Free) or
(585)344-2430  (New #)
Fax (585)343-7821
Email: etc@lead-etc.com 
Web:  www.lead-etc.com 

La Bella Associates, D.P.C.
300 State Street
Rochester, NY 14614 
(585) 295-6241
Neighborworks Rochester
570 South Ave
Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 325-4170
Fax (585) 325-2587

Paradigm Environmental Services, Inc. 
179 Lake Avenue 
Rochester, NY 14608
Toll Free: (800) 724-1997
Fax # (585) 647-3311
Web: www.paradigmenv.com

Proway Management
1168 N. Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY 14621
(585) 544-8699
Fax (585) 544-8907
Email: Sonia@proway.com