Rennes, France - A Rochester Sister City


Rennes, France - Sister City Since 1958


Fast Facts
Currency: Euro
Sister city Since: 1958
Language: French
Population: 216,000
Visa Requirements:
None for less than 90 days

Rennes, located in northwestern France and situated at the confluence of the Vilaine and the Ile Rivers, is the capital of the province of Brittany. It has a population of 216,000. 400,000 people live in its metropolitan area. As a Celtic settlement during the sixth century BC and throughout the following centuries, it experienced many settlers and conquerors.

Rennes is an important economic, commercial and administrative center and has evolved into a renowned crossroads for high-tech research, telecommunications, manufacturing, agribusiness and electronics. Among the corporations in Rennes are Legris, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Ouest-France, Yves Rocher, Motorola, Groupe Le Duff, France Telecom R & D and Canon.

Rennes has a student population of 60,000, two major universities, many prestigious schools of engineering, and a strong cultural heritage including museums, the Franco-American Institute, an American Consulate, art galleries, an opera, and a symphony orchestra.

2016 Trade Mission to Brittany  

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