Caltanissetta, Italy - A Rochester Sister City


Caltanissetta, Italy - Sister City Since 1965



Fast Facts
Currency: Euros
Sister City Since: 1965
Language: Italian
Population: 61,000
Visa Requirements:
None for less than 90 days

With a population of 61,000 people, Caltanissetta is situated at the center of Sicily. Founded in 800 B.C. and dominated by several civilizations, the city and its surroundings are today a unique blend of many cultures, traditions, and folklore that have influenced its development through the centuries.

Among its artistic treasures are the Siculo-Grecian archeological centers of Sabucina and Gibil-Gabib, the Mineralogy and Sulphur Museum, the Palazzo Moncada, and the Santo Spirito Abbey built by Count Roger in 1151. Caltanissetta is today the home of the award winning nougat-candy factory, Torronifici Geraci; the Salvatore Amorelli heather briar pipes, which have become fine collection pieces; and the industry of Amaro Averna, a fine liqueur.


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