V. Novgorod, Russia - A Rochester Sister City


V. Novgorod, Russia - Sister City Since 1990

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Fast Facts
Currency: Ruble
Sister City Since: 1990
Language: Russian
Population: 218,000
Visa Requirements:
Requires invitation from
Russian citizen/business

One of the oldest cities in Russia, Novgorod was founded in 859 A.D. Located on Lake Ilmen, between Moscow and St. Petersburg, the city is similar to Rochester in geography, in the presence of numerous high technology industries, and in the attention given to the education and health of its citizens.

Also like Rochester, Novgorod is bisected by a river, the Volkhov, and is home to more than 218,000 people. Novgorodians are especially proud of their historic institutions that existed long before the ascendancy of Moscow. Hanseatic League merchants were trading in Novogorod by the 12th century. Composer Anton Arensky was born in Novgorod in 1861. The achievements of other early citizens in art and culture continue to be revealed through extensive archaeological discoveries.

In 1992 UNESCO added its chief monuments to the World Heritage list. In 1998, the city was officially renamed Velikiy Novgorod, recalling its medieval title "Lord Novgorod the Great".


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