Hamamatsu, Japan - A Rochester Sister City


Hamamatsu, Japan - Sister City Since 1996


Fast Facts
Currency: Yen
Sister City Since: 1996
Language: Japanese
Population: 813,400
Visa requirement:
None for less than 90 days

Hamamatsu is both an historic and a modern city, located on the coast between Tokyo and Osaka. Settlement dates back to 16,000 BC. Hamamatsu Castle, built in 1570, was once occupied by the Shogun, Iyeyasu Tokugawa. Covering about 1,500 square kilometers, the metropolitan city has a population of about 800,000. Its rich natural environment, encompassing the ocean, lake, rivers, and mountains, enjoys a mild climate. 

Hamamatsu is home to such international corporations as Yamaha, Kawai, Suzuki, and Honda. It is the foremost city in Japan for the production of motorcycles, pianos, electronic musical instruments, naval oranges and gerberas, and hydroelectric power.

Its universities, museums, parks, and historic sites give it a rich cultural life as well. It houses Japan’s only Musical Instrument Museum, with its collection of 3200 instruments. The development of ACT City in 1994-- a premier theater and hotel complex for the promotion of music, art, communications, and technology--enhances its reputation as “Music City.” The famous Kite Festival in May attracts over a million visitors to a competition of teams flying more than 150 room-sized kites, followed by a parade of traditional floats.

The headquarters of Suzuki and Yamaha are also located within Hamamatsu.

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