Neighborhood Sections - Rochester Police Department

The Rochester Police Department (RPD) operates under a neighborhood-based, five-Section patrol model with police officers assigned to neighborhood beats to engage in true community policing initiatives. The five Sections are further organized into 37 patrol beats. PRIDE - Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Excellence

The Rochester Police Department Patrol Division consists of five Patrol Sections: 

The RPD Patrol Division currently works out of three Patrol Section Offices located at: 

  • 1099 Jay Street (Lake and Genesee Sections) 
  • 630 N. Clinton Avenue (Clinton and Goodman Sections) 
  • Sibley Building, 30 N. Clinton Avenue (Central Section) 
RPD Reorganization:
In April 2015, the Rochester Police Department Reorganization Plan, returned officers to a neighborhood-beat structure to effectively engage in true community policing activities. In March 2017, the Patrol Division Reorganization Evaluation was released with the following findings: 
  • The five-Section patrol model is working successfully and analysis used to determine Section and car-beat boundaries proved accurate.
  • Overtime hours driven by personnel shortages and response times declined, as did citizen requests to speak with a responding officer's supervisor.
  • Work loads among most car beats  is more evenly distributed and a majority of calls for service are answered by the patrol officer assigned to the beat of the caller's address.
  • Rates of Part 1 Crime declined, which are crimes determined to be the most serious by the FBI. 
The 2017 evaluation provided confidence that the Section boundaries and car beats were correctly established and as a result, the RPD could start making capital investments to identify sites for offices in each Section.

Proposed Section Office Locations:  

To date, new locations have been proposed as sites for the Lake Section Office, at the corner of Lake Avenue and West Ridge Road, and the Goodman Section Office, on East Main Street. A search for the future location of the Genesee Section Office is on-going. The Central Section Office, at 30 N. Clinton Avenue, and the Clinton Section Office, at 630 N. Clinton Avenue, will remain at their respective locations.

Goodman Section: View the January 23, 2020 RPD Goodman Section Office, Neighborhood Service Center and East Main Street Reconstruction Initiatives Here. 

Lake Section: View the PowerPoint presentation from August 13, 2018 for the Lake Section Office location proposal Here.   

Goodman Section: View the PowerPoint presentation from October 3, 2018, on the Goodman Section Office location proposal Here.