Auto Impound - Rochester Police Department

The Auto Impound is responsible for the intake, control, safekeeping and final disposition of vehicles and related objects that are towed or removed from City of Rochester’s streets or public access areas by the Rochester Police Department.

The Auto Impound staff will provide prompt, professional and courteous service to make every effort to help in the release of all vehicles to their rightful owners in accordance with specified rules and regulations. 

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding impounded vehicles:

Location and Phone Number:

The Auto Impound, located at 330 Colfax Street, Rochester, NY 14606; telephone number (585) 428-6717, or contact 311. If outside the City of Rochester, call (585) 428-5990.


Hours of Operation are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Sunday through Saturday. The Auto Impound is closed on major holidays, including New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

How to Redeem a Vehicle:

To redeem a vehicle, the owner must have the valid registration or title, along with a valid driver’s license.

Please note, some vehicles cannot be immediately released due to an ongoing investigation or hold placed on the vehicle.  We suggest that you contact the Auto Impound prior to redeeming your vehicle. 


For payment, the Auto Impound accepts cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard or Discover; personal checks are not accepted. 


The minimum fee to redeem a vehicle is $142.56, but can be higher due to additional services, storage fees and certified mail fees.  
Prices for services (prices do not include New York State Sales Tax): 

  • Tow fee - $130.00.
  • DMV check - $2.00
  • Additional services, such as winches and lockouts - $72.00 per hour
  • Storage Fees - $25.00/per day *
  • Certified letter fee - $10.00, and is sent to the registered owner, titled owner and lien holders according to the information on file with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

*Storage fees are not accrued on vehicles on Evidence Hold or held by an officer, District Attorney or US Attorney. Storage fees, however, will accrue once the hold has been released.  Vehicles on hold due to Parking Violations will begin accruing storage fees 24 hours after the vehicle has been impounded. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

Not all vehicles involved in motor vehicle accidents and towed are taken to the Auto Impound. If your vehicle was involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact 311 or if outside the City of Rochester call (585) 428-5990 to find out the location where your vehicle was towed. 

Your Vehicle Might Not be Located at the Auto Impound:

  • If the vehicle was parked in a private parking lot, it may have been towed by a private tow company. Signs should be posted in these parking lots that would contain information on who may have towed your vehicle.  RPD is not notified when private tow companies tow from private property.
  • Do you owe money on your vehicle? Could it have been repossessed? If this is the case, you should contact your financial institution. Call 311 or (585) 428-5990 if outside the City of Rochester for information regarding where you vehicle was towed in these situations.