City Hall Atrium Use

The Rochester City Hall Atrium is a true architectural masterpiece. Each year Photo credit: Erich Campingthousands of visitors come to tour Rochester City Hall and are left inspired by its architecture. The three-story high hall is surrounded by walls of symmetrical arches and ornate Tennesee marble columns, decorated with hand carved capitals, that support each arch.  Cast iron "Liberty" goddesses wearing eagle talon necklaces stand watch between the arches on the lower floor of the Atrium. The figures symbolize America. On the second level, lions cast in plaster take the place of the "Liberty" goddesses. The third floor sports a collection of plaster Neptune heads that oversee the entire Atrium. 

On sunny days, streaks of bright sunlight cast into the Atrium through the glass ceiling. An Atrium fountain was designed to repeat the arch theme that if found throughout the building.

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Applying for a Permit for Photography in the City Hall Atrium

The beautiful City Hall Atrium is often used as a backdrop for wedding or special occasion photos on Saturdays. BEFORE FILLING OUT A PERMIT APPLICATION, please call the Office of Special Events at (585) 428-6690, or send an email, to inquire if the date you are interested in is available.

If your date is available, complete an Atrium Application and submit the required non-refundable $40 application processing fee. A check or money order should be made payable to "City Treasurer, Rochester, NY". The application process and reservation of atrium will not begin until application and $40 processing fee are received.    

On your application, be sure to include:

  1. Date and times of requested use
  2. Number of people in attendance (the limit is 20). Children must be supervised at all times. 
  3. Intended purpose (wedding photos, portfolio, etc)Photo credit: Erich Camping 

Please note that:

  1. Applicant must use a professional photographer from the Rochester/Monroe County area. 
  2. Atrium use is limited to Saturdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., based on availability.  
  3. Once the application and fees have been received, review by appropriate departments may begin. Request is not confirmed until a permit is issued (signed by the Director of Communications).
  4. There is a $90 fee which must be received prior to the issuance of the permit for atrium use. The fee covers the cost of overtime for security personnel. A check or money order should be made payable to "City Treasurer, Rochester, NY".  

Before you get married, make sure to visit City Clerk's Office in City Hall for your marriage license! The City Clerk can also perform your wedding ceremony on-site during business hours.

Using the City Hall Atrium for Other Purposes

In order to preserve the beauty of the historic building, public use of the City Hall atrium is reserved mainly for wedding photographs on the weekend.


Call the Bureau of Communications at (585) 428-6691 or email us.Photo credit: Erich Camping