Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The City of Rochester, New York Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  is made up of five sections: introductory, financial, statistical, single audit, and New York State and other awards.

  • The introductory section includes the transmittal letters, the City's organizational chart and a list of principal officials.
  • The financial section includes the general purpose financial statements, combining and individual fund and account group financial statements and schedules, and the independent accountants' report on the financial statements and schedules.
  • The statistical section includes selected financial and demographic information, generally presented on a multi-year basis.
  • The single audit section provides information on federal grant programs.
  • The final section reports on grants from New York State and any other grant awards.

Current and prior reports are available below for on-line viewing or downloading as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.  These electronic documents are most easily navigated by using the provided bookmarks or the built in search facility.

Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Questions, comments, or requests for a printed copy of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report may be directed to:

Director of Accounting
City Hall Room 106A
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614
Voice: (585) 428-7139
FAX: (585) 428-6007