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Street Snow Plowing and Salting

The City of Rochester's snow and ice control efforts promote safe vehicular travel during the winter months. Snow removal efforts include snow plowing and, when necessary in congested areas, snow removal by loading and hauling snow away. 

City crews plow major and minor arterial streets. Contractors plow residential streets.

In most cases, other municipal agencies are responsible for snow and ice control on state highways. See State-owned Streets and Highways for additional information.


PlowTrax is a web-based map showing where plows have been during a snow event. Learn more and use the map at

Street Snow Plowing Factors

  • Residential plows are generally mobilized when three inches of new snow falls.
  • An average residential plow run is approximately 8 miles long and takes about 5 hours to complete under routine snow fall. Time is extended under heavy snow fall events. 

Salting Factors

  • To control ice, salt is applied on main arterial streets and on some secondary roadways that have special features (e.g., streets with schools, bus routes, bridges, hills, etc.)
  • Generally, salt is not applied to residential streets.

Parking During a Snow Storm

Residents must obey all parking signs and winter parking restrictions. To provide effective snow removal, the City may order that special parking restrictions be put in place. These restrictions will be announced through the media. Please refer to Winter Parking Rules for additional information.


Roadway snow plowing is financed by an embellishment fee on the property tax bill that is based on the property's front footage. Please see Embellishment Charges for Local Works for additional information.


Individuals with concerns about roadway snow and ice control can call 311 (from outside the City, call  (585) 428-5990).