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Tax foreclosure auctions & environmental auctions


Upcoming auction(s): 

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About tax foreclosure auctions:

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Each year, the City of Rochester's Division of Real Estate and Treasury Bureau hold an In Rem Tax Foreclosure auction. The auction typically takes place in November.  Unlike surplus auctions (on properties the City owns), In Rem Tax Foreclosure auctions are for properties where their respective owners have delinquent taxes. The starting bid is the total receivables balance due to the City. 

Properties can be residential, vacant lots, parking lots, mixed use, and commercial buildings.  

There are no pre-qualification requirements (unlike the surplus auctions), but you must pay a deposit of $5,000 for each property where you have the winning bid at the auction and pay the remaining balance by the following week. 

The preliminary list of properties is published in a local newspaper for 4 consecutive weeks leading up to the auction. The property list is subject to change. 

For more information on Tax Foreclosure Auctions, click here:  Tax Foreclosure FAQ

About environmental auctions:

Following the Tax Foreclosure auction, the City may hold environmental auctions for properties that have potential environmental issues that were not part of the fall tax auction:

  1. "At Lien" Environmental Auction - the starting bid is the amount of owed taxes.  
  2. "Below lien" Environmental Auction - for properties that did not sell at the At Lien auction above.  

Please check back to this page frequently for information on these auctions as it becomes available.