Flower City Pickers

At the Public Market, we pride ourselves on providing a huge array of healthy, affordable produce for the community, year-round.  And thanks to the not for profit Flower City Pickers, the Market is diverting produce that might otherwise end up landfilled and contributing it to community organizations and neighbors in need.  flowercitypickers2

The Flower City Pickers volunteers come to the Market on regular Market days, year-round, to collect surplus produce donated by generous vendors.  They sort and weigh the produce, and deliver it to community organizations, and also to farmers for livestock feed or compost!  These industrious volunteers collect over a ton of produce every week (and sometimes over four tons).

The Pickers also rescue food at the Market that might otherwise be thrown away, and thus help the Market meet its mission of getting good, affordable food into the hands and bellies of the community!

If you'd like to help feed the community--and feed your own soul too!--the Flower City Pickers could use your help.  Learn more and get connected at www.flowercitypickers.org, or see the Pickers any/every Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday between 12 and 3 pm at the Market.

You can also call the Flower City Pickers Hotline at (585)-326-1907.

If your organization is interested in receiving food donations from the Flower City Pickers, or if you're interested in compostable material (for farms/gardens or animal feed) collected by the Pickers at the Market, contact distribution@flowercitypickers.org

 To inquire or sign up to volunteer, contact volunteer@flowercitypickers.org

All other inquiries can be sent to info@flowercitypickers.org


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