Public Market - Well Over a Century of Service


Well Over a Century of Service


The same colorful cornucopia of goods and people that overwhelms a visitor today also greeted the first market goers in 1827 when the village of Rochester only had a few thousand residents and the municipal market was built partially over the river at the west end of the Main Street bridge. Later this unique resource was replaced by Centre Market, Rochester's first major civic undertaking, built on the river's east side between the Andrews Street bridge and the site of the present Sister Cities pedestrian bridge. Since 1905, the Market has been at its current site, 280 North Union Street, less than a mile from downtown.

Market-Merch-book2For a comprehensive history of the Market, check out The Hands That Feed Us: 100 Years at the Rochester Public Market. Published to commemorate the Market's centennial in 2005, this beautiful book is on sale at the Market Token Center during regular Market days and hours (the white boxcar-like building right behind the Market Office, the two story brick house).

Consider taking a Market Tour to learn more about the Market's fascinating history! For tour information, contact the Friends of the Market at (585) 428-7292 or  

Another great way to learn more about the Market's history is to follow our social media--we regularly run our PAST BLAST series on our Facebook and Instagram, which features great old Market photos and facts!

Below: Colorful Market vendor license plates required from the 1930s through the 1950s  

blue-plate  red-plate  yellow-plate       

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