Police and Citizens Together Against Crime Program (PAC-TAC)

About the Programpactac1

Law-abiding citizens have had enough when it comes to crime. Police officers are on the front lines doing an outstanding job. Together,citizens and police can make an even greater impact. Police and Citizens Together Against Crime (PAC-TAC) needs your help to make the difference.

Mayor Lovely Warren has put a high priority on crime prevention to improve the safety of our neighborhoods and move toward the goal of Rochester becoming the best mid-sized city in the nation.

Increasing safety in neighborhoods is not just law enforcement's role, but also involves concerned citizens who feel empowered to work effectively with the police in crime prevention. That is where you come in.

How You Can Help

As a PAC-TAC Volunteer, you will work with an on-duty patrol or Crime Prevention Officer as you walk with a PAC-TAC partner in your neighborhood and interact with other citizens and local merchants along the way to help prevent crime.
All volunteer citizens receive extensive training and are issued distinctive clothing, a flashlight and a portable digital radio which contains the frequencies of patrol officers. If you spot criminal activity or are in need of other assistance, you can immediately summons an officer via the portable radio. In addition to foot patrols, some patrol sections have bicycle PAC-TAC patrols as well. This is your chance to make a real difference in your neighborhood!

How to Sign Up

Contact your patrol sections Crime Prevention Officer or PAC-TAC volunteer coordinator at (585) 428-7496. Download an application or apply online.