Downtown Parades


The City of Rochester hosts parades year round. Some of the major parades downtown are listed below. Visit their sites or call the organizers for details!
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 12, 2022 (If St. Patrick's Day does not fall on a Saturday, the parade is always the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day)
  • Memorial Day Parade- (on Memorial Day, each May) Veteran's Memorial and Executive Council-  
  • Pride Fest Parade - July 16, 2022
  •  Puerto Rican Parade
  • Labor Day Parade- (September 5, 2022, on Labor Day) Ms. Margaret Sergeant - (585) 546-2681

Parade Route

East Avenue and Alexander Street to Main Street and Plymouth Avenue 

Staging Area Streets

Marchers will stage along streets near the parade's starting point. Call the parade organizer to learn where your contingent will be staged or to figure out if your street/business will be affected by staging. 


Parades are not organized by the City; they are coordinated by external organizations. For questions on how to participate or if the parade will be staged in front of your area, call the organizer directly.