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Lateral Transfer from NYS

The Rochester Police Department is actively seeking highly qualified police officers certified by New York Department of Criminal Justice Services interested in lateral transfer opportunities. With several current vacancies, the RPD is looking to immediately accept lateral transfers to maintain the level of service the citizens of Rochester have come to expect.

The mission of the Rochester Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Rochester by working cooperatively with the citizenry to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, and provide for a safe environment.

The Rochester Police Department recognizes that each member of the Department brings unique talents and skills to the police profession. Members of the Department can find a challenging work environment with promotional and specialization opportunities for the dedicated professional who enjoys establishing a partnership with the community to provide a safe community to live in.

The following qualifications must be met by all active law enforcement personnel seeking to apply for lateral transfer to the Rochester Police Department: 

  • Meet the City of Rochester’s Civil Service Requirements;
  • Current Appointment from a competitive NYS Civil Service List as a Police Officer;
  • Successful completion of the New York State DCJS Basic Course for Police Officers or Police Officer certification by NYS DCJS;
  • 3 years of experience since date of hire;
  • Hold clean service record;
  • Complete a condensed RPD academy and FTO program
  • Successfully complete a background investigation, polygraph test and psychological test
  • Hold a valid New York State Driver’s License
  • Current, full- time employment in NYS DCJS certified Police Department (not a former officer);
    • Note DCJS: does not accept lateral transfers from the New York City Police Department or New York State Police. 

For any questions Please contact Tom Miller, Department of Human Resource Management by email at