Water Billing


Water bills for residential water consumption are issued quarterly, except for meters that are 3" or larger in size, which are billed monthly.  Water bills consist of two charges; a base charge and a consumption charge. The base charge is a flat fee that correlates to the size of the meter. The consumption charge is based on metered consumption, as determined by periodic meter readings.

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Current Water Base & Consumption Rates

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Common topics associated with your water bill

Estimated Bills   If the City cannot gain access to a meter that is scheduled to be read and the resident does not provide a reading, an estimated bill based on past metered consumption will be issued. If a valid meter reading is obtained after the issuance of an estimated bill, the original amount of the estimated bill will be adjusted to reflect actual consumption.
Meter Readings   Meters located in residential properties are generally read on a quarterly basis. For meters that are 3" or larger in size, readings are taken monthly. Customers with water billing questions may call 311 (outside City limits call (585) 428-5990.
Special Meter Readings   Before property is sold, the seller of a property should request a final meter reading by calling 311 (or (585) 428-5990 outside City limits). This enables the City to accurately bill the seller and buyer for water consumption. The buyer or the buyer's attorney is encouraged to confirm that a final reading has been taken to avoid having to pay for water charges incurred prior to the sale.
High Consumption Investigation   At a property owner's request, the City will conduct a high consumption investigation to try to determine the cause of a high water bill.
Delinquent Water Charges   Water charges not paid by the due date are rebilled until the amount is paid or added to property taxes. Late charges accrue each billing period against delinquent amounts. The late fee equals 3% of the delinquent balance for charges that are billed quarterly. For charges that are billed monthly, the late fee is 1% of the delinquent balance. Delinquent water charges, that are initially due and remain unpaid by May 15, are added to the July property tax bill, along with an additional penalty and an administrative charge.


For additional questions regarding water meters or water consumption, contact the Water Bureau.   
For additional questions regarding billing and payments, contact the Treasury Bureau