Business and Housing Development

 Frisch Headshot (2020)
Erik L. Frisch,
Deputy Commissioner


Welcome to the Bureau of Business and Housing Development.  There are four main departments in our bureau: Business Development, Housing Development, Project Development and Real Estate.  In addition to bureau management, our administrative area provides Credit Underwriting for projects that we are developing.  

Business and Housing Development (BHD) is involved in many activities that help move our city in a positive direction.  These activities include:

  • Recruiting, retaining and growing new businesses in our city.         
  • Reaching out to local, regional and national retailers to bring new goods and services to our city.
  • Working with developers to create new units of affordable housing.
  • Working with developers to create mixed use developments that include housing and commercial or retail space.
  • Managing the city’s properties and selling houses and vacant lots for redevelopment.
  • Requesting proposals for city-owned parcels that we would like to see developed.
  • Managing major development projects that offer opportunities to improve our city.
  • Providing detailed and thorough underwriting services for loans and grants that we offer.


The mission of the Business and Housing Development bureau is “to create great places in Rochester to live, work and play”. 

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30 Church Street – Room 005A
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 428-6150