Neighborhood Service Center Locations



Normal operating hours for the Neighborhood Quadrant Service Centers (NSC) are Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. Calls to NSC Offices during off hours are taken by staff at the City’s 311 Call Center. Staff follows up on these calls the following business day.  

Northwest Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center 
400 Dewey Avenue
Rochester, NY  14613
Anna Keller, Administrator 

Northeast Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center 
500 Norton St
Rochester, NY  14621
 John McMahon, Administrator

Southwest Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center
(585) 428-7630
923 Genesee St
Rochester, NY  14611
 Charles Reaves, Administrator

Southeast Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center 
(585) 428-7640
320 N Goodman Street - Suite 209
Rochester, NY  14607
Erica Hernandez, Administrator 


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