City Council Legislation, Meeting Minutes and Proceedings

The chronologically arranged list below contains recent Council Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, and monthly lists of adopted laws, ordinances, and resolutions. Following the end of each calendar year, the Minutes are combined and published as the annual Proceedings of Council which are found at the bottom of this page along with Search and Annual Proceedings.  The following definitions highlight the purpose of each document available below. For additional information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (585) 428-7421. All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format which can be downloaded here.

Meeting Agenda:
a) Previous Council Meetings: the formal listing of proposed legislation considered by the City Council at the Council Meeting.
b) Current monthly Council Meeting cycle: Additional legislation may be added to the Agenda for the current Meeting cycle until prior to the Council Meeting. For information about additions to the current Agenda, call the City Clerk’s Office at 428-7421.

Special Council Meeting:
Meetings called by the Mayor, the Council President, or any three Councilmembers. In general, Special Meetings are called to consider proposed legislation that is time sensitive and merits consideration by the Council prior to the next regularly scheduled Council Meeting.

Council Meeting Minutes:
Minutes which record City Council actions on resolutions, local laws, and ordinances considered at a Council Meeting. The Council approves the Minutes recorded at the previous monthly Meeting; after they are formally approved by Council, they are made available on the Internet.

List of Laws, Ordinances, and Resolutions:
Legislative items adopted or returned to Committee by Council each month.

Annual Proceedings of Council
Chronological (at the bottom of this page) records of actions on resolutions, local laws, and ordinances considered by the City Council. They record all the ayes, nays, and abstentions entered into the record by Councilmembers. Each volume, including a comprehensive subject index at the end of the book, is published in paper copy and also placed on the Internet, generally a few months after the end of each calendar.

2017-2019 Proceedings

If you would like information from 2017 -2019 proceedings, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 585-428-7421 or email

Recent City Council Meetings, Agendas and Proceedings


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