Bureau of Purchasing - Current Bid Offerings

UPDATE: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rochester City Hall will be closed to the public beginning March 16, 2020 at 5:00 PM. 

Bid openings were initially postponed, and are now being rescheduled. Public bid openings will be conducted via ZOOM, please see the table below for information on each Invitation to Bid. Prospective bidders can contact the buyer listed for each bid with any questions. 

We will continue update this page and other Purchasing pages as we move to socially distanced operations. 

More information about each current bid, including specifications, bid documents, any issued addenda, and vendor self-registration can be found on BidNet Direct at www.bidnetdirect.com/city-of-rochester.  BidNet now includes the Contract Proposal Book, Proposal and plans for public works projects as well as City goods and services bids. Information about closed bids, including a summary of bids received and bid award information, can also be found at BidNet Direct on the web page same link.

Vendors must register to use BidNet Direct. Helpful BidNet information on free vendor registration instructions can be found HERE.

For further instructions and troubleshooting while registering on BidNet Direct, please contact 800-835-4603.

To view a list of current plan holders, click the Plan Holders link under Status Notes. 

Plan Holders lists are also available on BidNet under the Communications tab. 

  Current Bid Offerings  

  506030 Aerial Lift/Versalift Equipment Parts & Repairs 02/22/2021 03/10/2021   Roslyn Phillips
  506020 Air Filtration System Maintenance for the Fire & Police Pistol Range 02/22/2021 03/10/2021   Roslyn Phillips
  506040 Bobcat Parts & Repair 02/22/2021 03/10/2021   Roslyn Phillips
  505990 Linen/Laundry Rental Service, Firehouses 02/16/2021 03/02/2021   Tammy Macon
  506010 Prime Vinyl Replacement Windows 02/16/2021 03/02/2021   Tammy Macon
  506000 Mail Pre-Sort/Bar Coding Service 02/16/2021 03/02/2021   Tammy Macon
  505950 Cooling Tower Inspection & Testing 02/16/2021 03/11/2021   Tymothi Howard
  506060 Cemetary Supplies 02/16/2021 03/09/2021   Tymothi Howard
  506050 Seperate Street Lights From Utility Electrical  02/16/2021 03/09/2021   Tymothi Howard
  505980      Water Treatment Chemicals 02/16/2020 03/02/2021   Tymothi Howard
  C06220      University & Merriman Playground Improvements      02/08/2021      03/02/2021 Addendum No. 1      Cheryl Whitman
  505940      Air Compressor Preventative Maintenance      02/08/2021      02/24/2021   Roslyn Phillips
  C06210 Repair & Construction of City parking Garages & Various Facilities 02/01/2021 03/02/2021 Addendum No. 1 Cheryl Whitman
  C06200 Priority Bicycle Boulevards Implementation 02/01/2021 03/02/2021  Addendum No. 1 Cheryl Whitman
  C06190 Highland Upper Gatehouse Roof Replacement and Various Repairs 01/25/2021 03/02/2021 Addendum No.  1 Cheryl Whitman