City Planning Commission

In accordance with Executive Order No. 202.1 and the Mayor's Local Emergency Oder, the City Planning Commission public hearings will take place as virtual hearings and no in-person attendance shall be permitted.

The next hearing is scheduled for Monday, December 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM. The agenda will be posted under 'Public Hearing' below . Staff Reports will be posted in 'Interactive Map' below .

To view and/or listen to the hearing click the link at the scheduled time: The Hearing will be recorded and later transcribed.

How to COMMENT on a current case:

1) Submit written comment by email, mail, or deliver it to City Hall.
Mail: Zoning Office c/o Planning Commission, 30 Church St. Rm. 125B, Rochester, NY 14614

Your written comment must include the project address you are commenting on, your first and last name, address, and contact information. A zoning staff member will read your comments into the record during the virtual hearing. The deadline to submit written comment is 5:00 PM; Friday, December 11, 2020. 

2) Provide oral testimony (public comment) at the virtual public hearing. >>>CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Comments may not exceed 3 minutes in length or 10 minutes for neighborhood associations. The deadline to register to provide spoken comment is 12:00 PM; Monday, December 14, 2020. 


About the City Planning Commission 

Public participation in government is a keystone of democracies and is possible through local board and commission actions and membership. This seven member citizen commission has jurisdiction and authority in the issuance of Special Permits, subdivision approvals, and a wide range of other matters. The Planning Commission also makes recommendations to City Council regarding Zoning Text and Map amendments. 

Authority and procedures of the City Planning Commission are established by law in Sections 120-184J and 120-192 of the City's Zoning Code.  Applications must be reviewed in accordance with specific legal standards in the Code, and a written decision and findings are made for each application.


Planning Commission members are selected by the Mayor, must be confirmed by City Council, and serve without compensation. Members must be City residents and serve for terms of (2) years, and may serve without limit to the number of terms. The Planning Commission must contain at least one member residing in each City Council district.

If you are interested in applying for a position on the Commission, please contact Josanne Reaves in the Mayor’s Office either by email at: or by phone at: (585) 428-6140. 

Full Members:  
David Watson, Chair South District
Eugenio Marlin, Vice Chair Northwest District
Kaeri Carroll East District
Bradley Flower South District
Kimberly Harding East District 
Milton Pichardo Northeast District
Markeba Williams South District 

Alternate Members:   
Steven Rebholz Northeast District
Richard Mauser East District

Anna Keller, Staff to the Planning Commission
Jill Wiedrick, Planning Commission Secretary
Tom Warth, Legal Counsel to the Planning Commission

  City Planning Commission Interactive Map

Click on the points for more information on the individual case. Staff Reports and Decision Notices are included as attachments. 

 Current Month Cases Previous Cases Greensquare for held cases Held Cases

For mobile devices or to view larger, try full screen view.


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Public Hearing

Held monthly on the 2nd Monday at 6:00 PM.

City Hall, 30 Church St.
City Council Chambers, Rm. 302-A
Rochester, NY 14614

Click the links below to see the agendas for present and past months and for the outcomes of past months known as the Grid. 

   Public Hearing                   Application Deadline          Agendas           Grids     
  January 13, 2020    December 11, 2019    Agenda   Grid
  February 10, 2020    January 8, 2020    Agenda   Grid 
  March 9, 2020    February 5, 2020    Agenda      Grid
  April 13, 2020
   March 4, 2020    Agenda    Grid 
  May 11, 2020    April 8, 2020    Agenda     Grid 
  June 8, 2020    May 6, 2020    Agenda     Grid 
  July 13, 2020
no meeting
   June 3, 2020    Agenda    Grid 
  August 10, 2020    July 8, 2020    Agenda     Grid  
  September 14, 2020    August 5, 2020    Agenda    Grid 
  October 19, 2020    September 9, 2020    Agenda     Grid 
  November 16, 2020    October 14, 2020    Agenda    Grid
  December 14, 2020    November 12, 2020    Agenda    Grid

To request a sign language interpreter at the public hearing, please email:


Applications are accepted by appointment only and will not be considered if they are incomplete. If you are considering submitting an item to go before the Planning Commission please contact: 

Anna Keller, Staff to the Planning Commission
(585) 428-7761

>>>Click here for Application Forms