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The City of Rochester’s Division of Real Estate is charged with the responsible management and oversight of all City-owned and City utilized real estate assets via sales, leases, licenses and property retention procedures. It is the goal of this division to responsibly oversee permanently owned City property and City facilities while returning surplus City property to productive use for the goal of home ownership, business development, neighborhood enhancement, tax collection and operational cost avoidance.


Click here for details about our Request for Qualifications for Appraisal Services. Due Date for applications is March 31, 2023. 


  • Surplus Property Auctions - These auctions are of property currently owned by the City of Rochester. Participation in these auctions requires applications and review of qualifications, and may require a development proposal.   (There are no property auctions planned at this time.)
  •  City Tax Foreclosure Auctions -The City does not own these tax-delinquent properties, but they are auctioned for the starting amount of the unpaid taxes each November. There is no prequalification needed for participation other than bringing funds to the auction, and there is no development proposal needed. (The  2022 Tax Auction is complete)

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Sales - These are properties that the City owns, usually desirable vacant development lots or mixed use or commercial structures. Development Plans are required as this is a competitive application and review process.    (There is currently 1 RFP opportunity available.)    

  •  Vacant Lot Sales- These are residential sites available for sale. Sales are dependent upon lot size and City planning objectives.  Adjacent property owners may be able to purchase lots unsuitable for development for combination with their existing parcel, or non-adjacent owners may be able to purchase with a qualified development plan through RFP process.  Please complete a Vacant Lot Inquiry form if you are interested in a City-owned vacant lot.
  •  Development Ready Sites- These are prime development sites that have been identified and evaluated for larger development projects.



  •  Lease Opportunities- The City has a small selection of properties that may be available for long or short term lease.
  •  Temporary License Agreements- The City offers short term license agreements on City owned land for various reasons.  
  •  Garden Permits- Community Garden Permits on Vacant Lots. 1 year permits available to individuals,  and 5 year leases available to organizations with experience. 
  •  Donation of Privately Owned Real Estate -Donation of Real Estate to the City. The City will consider accepting donations of real estate assets on a case by case basis. Acceptance is not guaranteed and the property must be deemed to be useful to the City in some way.






To report a vacant property not being properly maintained, please click this LINK and go to the MCVacants.com website. Look for the Resources for Neighbors tab and select report a zombie property and follow those instructions.  



 Neighborhood & Business Development

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 Division of Real Estate
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The Following activities are not part of the Division of Real Estate, but are partner programs within and outside the City. Please see below for links to more information.

  •  Rochester Land Bank Corporation  The Land Bank will acquire and dispose of real property when a disposition strategy has been identified within the context of City designated community development projects or redevelopment plans. The disposition strategy may include holding the property in the Land Bank for a period of time, demolition, sale to a developer or other strategies.   
  •     Rehab and Repair Grants- The Real Estate Division is not the contact group for Grants or Loans for rehab or property repair. Please click on the title link for more information on this topic.  
  •    Business Loans, Servicing and Grants- The City does have a business development division that offers financial assistance. Please click on the title link for more information on this topic. 
  •    HOUSING DEVELOPMENT- First Time Homebuyer programs and homeowner education programs and links for affordable housing resources through the City and partner agencies.
  •    MONROE COUNTY PROPERTY AUCTIONS - These are properties NOT owned or controlled by the City of Rochester.  Please contact Monroe County Real Property Office at (585) 753-1125 with any questions.